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 The year under review being eventful, we have realized that we have to cross many hurdles to proceed for our journey aiming at ‘Development’. As ‘Development’ is itself a continuous process, we believe that we are also being processed to achieve our goal and to live with Dignity, Equity and peace. The participation of women and children in our program activities has given much hope and determination to go ahead for mobilizing the community people for utilizing their community resources and their own resources i.e. human resources as best as possible.

  1. Our main focus is to bet on people even more than the project.
  2. We have tried to address the issues like
  3. Child Welfare
  4. Rural Community Health
  5. Awareness Generation
  6. Women’s Empowerment

With all these we have tried to aware and organize the community people to respond the issues confronting in their day to day life situation and have understood that if the community people are organized then they can take their own initiatives to involve themselves in the development process by utilizing their wisdom, knowledge and whatever they have.

With this realization we are striving towards the future with the hopes and aspirations to step for a ‘Better Tomorrow’ for better life living of the people.

Thanks to all for their co-operation and assistance, help to activate ourselves for the task for which we are committed.