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Promote 3 tier education (Elementary, Middle Level and Higher) with the strategy through Adult and Non-Formal education for all age categories with a focus for STs, SCs, OBCs and Minorities till its equivalency stages who are deprived since long years.

Ensure basic health care services to restrain common ailments protect from epidemic death and promote mental health care to build a healthy generation in both Rural and Urban India.

WTo Ensure the scope of earning minimum livelihood casts for all poorest of the poor populations so that they can maintain the minimum costs of their Breads, Clothes and head hiding and environmentally healthy shelter. Creation of necessary infrastructures for Self-Employment through the Scope of Vocational Skills.

Main objectives of the programme.


A knowledge society with moral values, humanity and mutual respect with great national integrity where there will be no discriminations by castes, sex and colour.

  • To provide market relevant vocational skills to the students in order to increase their employability.
  • To focus on personality development and confidence building to make them strong individuals.